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This file contains all room-beds found at your site as well as data about our-of-service periods for those beds. This file is maintained by the site.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBEnter the name of the room-bed you are adding. Should be in the format ROOM-BED.
.02description(+)0;2POINTER405.6Enter a description for this bed. It will show when entering 2 question marks at the ROOM-BED prompt in bed control or when displaying bed availability. An example would be PRIVATE ROOM.
.2currently out-of-service?COMPUTEDIs this bed currently unavailable? This field is computed based on data in the OUT-OF-SERVICE DATE multiple.
100ward(s) which can assignW;0MULTIPLE405.41Enter the list of wards which can assign this bed.
200out-of-service dateI;0MULTIPLE405.42This multiple contains information on when this bed has been placed out- of-service.

Referenced by 7 types

  1. PATIENT (2) -- current room
  2. RAI MDS ROOM-BED TRANSLATION (46.13) -- vista room-bed name
  3. BCMA MISSING DOSE REQUEST (53.68) -- room/bed
  4. TEAM AUTOLINK (404.56) -- autolink
  5. PATIENT MOVEMENT (405) -- room-bed
  6. CP_MOVEMENT_AUDIT (704.005) -- bed
  7. PARAMETERS (8989.5) -- entity