This file is a master file which contains all the information needed for completing VA Form 10-5390, and all the information found on the alpha listing produced by the DPC, Austin, Tx. This file also has some additional fields to include the volunteers full date of birth, telephone number, and next of kin information.
.01volunteer0;1FREE TEXTBThis field contains the first and last name of the volunteer in the format LASTNAME,FIRSTNAME MI.
.1station name4;0MULTIPLE503330.01The fields of this multiple contains information about the volunteer which is specific to a particular station.
.5lowercase printing nameCOMPUTEDThis field contains the name of the volunteer, in lowercase, in the format FirstName MI. Lastname.
.6uppercase printing nameCOMPUTEDThis field computes the name of the volunteer in the format Firstname MI. Lastname
.7first character of last name2;3FREE TEXTAEThis field stores the first character of the volunteers' last name for faster sorting during games prints.
1social security number(+)0;2FREE TEXTDThis field contains the Social Security Number of the volunteer without dashes.
2street address #10;3FREE TEXTThis field contains the first line of the Volunteers address. It is the ONLY address line transmitted to the Austin DPC.
2.5street address #20;10FREE TEXTThis field contains the second line of the Volunteers streed address. It is NOT transmitted to the Austin DPC.
3city(+)0;4FREE TEXTThis field contains the city/town of the volunteer.
4state(+)0;5POINTER5This field contains the state of the volunteers address.
4.5state abbreviationCOMPUTED This field computes the correct USPS abbreviation for a state from the State file. (File 5)
5zip code(+)0;6FREE TEXTThis field contains the 5 or 9 digit Zip Code of the volunteers address.
6sex(+)0;7SET OF CODESG:Girl under 21
F:Female, 21 and over
M:Male, 21 and over
B:Boy under 21
AD This field contains the sex of a volunteer as required by the Volunteer Package at the Austin DPC.
7birth date(+)0;8DATE-TIMEThis field contains the complete birth date of the volunteer. Although Austin does not require entry of day, this package does.
7.5birth month0;16DATE-TIMEThis field contains the birth month of the volunteer.
8ageCOMPUTEDThis field dynamically computes the age of the volunteer.
8.5combination1;0MULTIPLE503330.03This multiple field contains the information necessary to calculate and store the various combinations for the volunteer.
16.9telephone3;2FREE TEXTThis field contains a telephone number for the volunteer.
16.95alternate telephone3;7FREE TEXTThis field contains an alternate telephone number for the volunteer.
17next of kin3;1FREE TEXT This field contains the name of the Next of Kin of the volunteer, for use in an emergency.
18nok relationship3;3FREE TEXTThis field contains the relationship of the person listed as next of kin to the volunteer.
19nok telephone3;4FREE TEXTThis field contains the primary phone number for reaching the next of kin of the volunteer in an emergency.
20nok alternate phone3;5FREE TEXTThis field contains an alternate telephone number for reaching the next of kin of the volunteer in an emergency.
21transaction type3;6FREE TEXT This field contains a two character transaction type code from the Austin DPC.
23pseudo indicator0;18FREE TEXTThis field contains a 'P' when the social security number of the volunteer is unknown and a Pseudo number has been assigned for identification purposes.
27code0;22FREE TEXTCThis field contains the first character of the volunteers last name followed by the last 4 numbers of the SSN.
28nickname0;9FREE TEXTThis field contains a nickname often used by the volunteer.
29preferred language for log-in0;11SET OF CODES1:ENGLISH
This field contains the individual volunteers selection for display interaction in the Auto Log-in routines.
30games shirt size0;12FREE TEXTThis field is intended for use for volunteer participants in veterans games events.
31games ride status0;13FREE TEXT
32games ride station2;1FREE TEXT
33games housing code2;2FREE TEXT
345 digit zip codeCOMPUTED

Referenced by 4 types

  1. VOLUNTARY TEMPORARY LOG (503330.1) -- code
  2. VOLUNTARY MEAL TICKET (503330.2) -- name
  3. VOLUNTEER DAILY TIME (503331) -- name
  4. VOLUNTARY TIME CARD (503335) -- name