This file containes information about the library using the Local Serials Module. The name for the library, whether automatic printing is desired and the computer address for the printer in the library used to print routing slips or reports are some of the entries in this file.
.01site name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis field is to name the library in terms of a specific name, building number, facility name, etc. For example, names could be: Holt Library, Bedford Library, Bldg. 205 Library.
.02default vendor0;2FREE TEXTThis field is to input the name of vendor which is used for the majority of the current subscriptions. The value input here will be the name of the vendor which pops up as the default for the VENDOR field in the CSE option. This field points to the station's vendor file; therefore values to be used here must already be in the vendor file.
.03routing slip printer0;3FREE TEXTThis field allows for the input of the local facility name or identifying code or number for the separately ported printer which will be used to generate the routing slips at the time of check-in. If no printer is assigned here, then routing slips will print to the screen and will have to be captured to a slaved printer. This will slow down the check-in process considerably.
.04division0;4POINTER4This field is to allow input of a division name in the case of two-division facilities. While the field is present in the current version of the Serials Module, it does not activate any features to allow two different divisions operating from the same DHCP system to use the local Serials Module in a differential manner.
.05automatic queuing(+)0;5BOOLEANY:YES
This field is a set of codes to enable automatic queueing of the routing slips during the check-in process to the ROUTING SLIP PRINTER identified above. This question must be answered yes and a ROUTING SLIP PRINTER identified to generate routing slips automatically. Otherwise, routing slips will print to the screen and must be captured to a slaved printer.
.06multi-division site0;6BOOLEANY:YES
This field is a set of codes that, if answered yes, triggers the field called either DIVISION or DIVISION SITE NAME.
.07division site name(+)0;7FREE TEXTCEnter the 5-letter site identification used on FORUM.
.08mail symbol0;8FREE TEXTThis is the particular mail room routing symbol for a particular site. It has been 142D in the past.
.09default corefls vendor0;9POINTER392.31This field points to the sites local vendor file containing coreFLS vendors.
.1corefls active0;10BOOLEAN1:YES
This entry determines whether the Library package prompts for coreFLS vendor (ACTIVE - YES) or FMS vendor (ACTIVE - NO).

Referenced by 5 types

  1. LOCAL SERIALS (680) -- site name
  2. NAME (680.4) -- site name
  3. LBRY ITEM PLACEMENT LOCATION (680.7) -- site name
  4. LBRY DISPOSITION (681) -- site name, library site name
  5. LBRY ISSUE (682) -- site name