This file contains the list of titles at the local VA library. Information that is title specific and unique to the local VA library is here. Some information here is holdings information, purchasing information, what is the subject for this title and whether this title is being received or just that back issues are available in the library.
.01title(+)0;1POINTER680.5BThe title is the full title of a specific serial publication. Such titles can be extremely long and the initial words in two different titles can be exactly the same for a considerable length, for example: SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY AND LABORATORY MEDICINE SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY AND LABORATORY MEDICINE. SUPPLEMENTUM Note: Since exact alphabetization of these titles is very important in the serials process, it is crucial that the field length be long enough to accommodate all possibilities.
If a title is 'active', meaning no value has been input for this field, that title is available for the full range of options, including all the Serials Control Option functions. If it is rendered 'inactive' by one of the codes, it is no longer available for any of the Serials Control option functions and Copy Specific Edit, but can still be used in the Holdings Option. If it is inactive, it indicates that the library will not be receiving any more current issues, but will be keeping its retrospective holdings. Should the title need to be reactivated, the value in the INACTIVE field can be deleted. Found in the LTS option.
.03prediction pop-up0;3NUMERICThis fields allows for the local adjustment of the prediction ability found in the Check-in Option. If no value is input, it defaults to a value of 5. Found in LTS option.
.04site name(+)0;4POINTER680.6EThis field is to identify the individual sites that have been combined into one VISN.
.05prev site da0;5NUMERICThis is the site's previous DA number in order to remap entries to this new DA number.
1.1placement1;3POINTER680.7This field holds the locations which are the final destination for any particular serials title. Found in HOL option.
1.5for-your-information1;5FREE TEXTThis is an optional field that allows the user to input information which will appear on the screen immediately under the title in the Check-in Option. It is useful for reminding technicians about peculiarities or specific instructions for certain titles. Found in LTS option.
2.1microfilm holdings2;2FREE TEXTThis field allows the input of holdings statements for those holdings of a serials title which may be in microformat. In some libraries microformat holdings are stored separately from the paper holdings; thus in some cases it is desirable to have two different holdings statements. Found in HOL option.
2.5microfilm vendor2;5FREE TEXTThe vendor for the microformat version of a serials title is usually different from the vendor for the current paper subscription. Also, not all serials microformat can be acquired from the same microformat vendor. Found in HOL option.
2.6microfilm corefls vendor2;6POINTER392.31Enter the vendor from whom the microfilm was ordered.
3subject3;0MULTIPLE680.03This is the subject of the serial.
4category4;0MULTIPLE680.01This is the category of the serial.
5added date5;1DATE-TIMEThis field allows a date to be entered in the Holdings Option to indicate when a serials title was first acquired.
5.2recommendation5;2SET OF CODESR:RETAIN
This field uses codes to signify if whether the retention decision for a serials title is 'retain' or 'delete'. Found in HOL option.
5.3deletion date5;3DATE-TIMEThis field allows a date to be entered to indicate when a serials title will be discontinued or deleted.
5.4deletion notes5;4FREE TEXTThis is a word-processing field where information on the decision to discontinue a serials title may be entered, such as name of staff member making this recommendation.
6union list code6;0MULTIPLE680.02This field contains a set of codes to allow the indication of which union list authorities are recipients of the holdings of a particular library. Found in HOL option.
7initial copies ordered7;1NUMERICThis field is used in the initial setup of the serials title in the LTS option and basically triggers the cloning action found in CSE. However, as numbers of copies change later over time, it is necessary to alter the value in this field.
7.1copies orderedCOMPUTEDThe number of copies of the serial is recorded in this field.
8funding source8;1FREE TEXTThis field allows the identification of sources of funding for specific serials titles; such sources could be the local facility budget, research funds, RML funding, funding from library-raised revenues, tuition-support funds, etc. Found in PIE option.
8.3unit cost8;3NUMERICThis field is for the entry of the current year's subscription cost without service charge, for one subscription. Found in PIE option.
8.4last year's unit cost8;4NUMERICThis field is for the previous year's subscription cost without service charge, for one subscription. Found in PIE option.
8.5service charge8;5NUMERICThe vendor's service charge percentage is to be entered here; it will be applied to the UNIT COST field to derive the TOTAL COST. Found in PIE option.
8.6total costCOMPUTEDThis field is computed from the UNIT COST and SERVICE CHARGE field. Found in PIE option.
8.7p.o. number8;7FREE TEXTThis field allows the input of a purchase order number for a serials title. Found in PIE option.
8.8contract number8;8FREE TEXTThis field allows the input of a contract number for a serials title. Found in PIE option.
9brief summary holdings9;1FREE TEXTThis field allows the input of summary holdings for a serials title, which should be input in the form of opening and closing volumes and dates; for example, v. 5, 1966 - v. 10, 1971. If the title is still being received, the statement may be left open. Found in HOL option.
9.1detailed holding12;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis is a word-processing option field which allows the input of long, issue-specific holdings statements. Found in HOL option.
9.4retention policy9;4FREE TEXTThis field allows the input of a number of years, a date, or other information which will indicate how much of a backfile of the title that the library plans to keep on hand. Found in HOL option.
9.5binding priority9;5SET OF CODESN:NO BINDING NEEDED
This field is a set of codes to indicate the local library's priorities for binding a specific serials title.
9.8gaps11;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis is a word-processing field where missing and/or sought issues and/or volumes may be listed. There is a gaps report which prints this field; this report can be used to acquire items from surplus lists. Found in HOL option.
9.85remarks15;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis field should contain your SEE references, See Also references, title changes--whatever you want printed under your title (besides holdings) when you run a printed holdings list.
10.5renewal date (hc)10;5DATE-TIMEThis field is for the input of the date that the paper subscription is due to be renewed. Found in HOL option.
10.6renewal date (mf)10;6DATE-TIMEThis field is for the input of the date that the microformat subscription is due to be renewed. Found in HOL option.
10.7requestor10;7POINTER680.4This field is for the name of the person who requested this serials title be acquired. Found in HOL option.
10.8subscription period10;8NUMERICThis field is for the length of the subscription period; decimals can be used to indicate a fraction of a year. Found in HOL option.
12.3check-in notes16;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis field is a word-processing field to allow specific notes concerning the check-in of a title to be entered.
13binding date13;0MULTIPLE680.08Each serial may have a binding date.
14renewal notes17;0WORD-PROCESSINGEnter notes concerning the renewal of a subscription in this field.

Referenced by 2 types

  1. LBRY DISPOSITION (681) -- local serials title
  2. LBRY ISSUE (682) -- local serials title