All the information about each journal date for any local title is in this file. Such things as the journal date, volume, issue and the copy status for each copy or Table of Contents are stored here.
.01number(+)0;1NUMERICBThis is the sequential entry number of a check-in record.
.02local serials title(+)0;2POINTER680CThis field points to the serials title that the local library has in its collection.
.04site name(+)0;4POINTER680.6EDivision site identification
1journal date1;1DATE-TIMEDThis field is for the input of the date on the issue of the serials title that is being checked in. Found in CHE option.
1.1volume1;2FREE TEXTThis field is for the volume number on the issue of the serials title that is being checked in. Found in CHE option.
1.2issue/part/supplement1;3FREE TEXTThis field is to designate the issue or part number or supplement number for the specific item being checked in. Values could be a number, a season, characters such as SUPP A, etc. Found in CHE option.
1.3copies received1;4NUMERICThis number is the actual number of copies received for a specific issue at check-in. It can be less than or the same as the number of COPIES ORDERED. Found in CHE option.
1.4copies ordered1;5NUMERICThis number is the number of copies indicated from the CSE option as currently due for receipt. Found in CHE option.
1.5journal date author1;6POINTER200This is the person who is entering the check-in record. It is invisible to the person checking in the serial title.
1.6received date1;7DATE-TIMEThis field shows the last date a specific copy of a serials issue was received. Found in CHE option.
1.7entry type(+)1;8SET OF CODESI:INSERTED
This field sets whether the next issue should be predicted from the preceding issue date, given a prediction pattern, or whether the next and subsequent issues must be inserted, either because there is no prediction pattern, or the existing prediction pattern has been turned off by the act of using the (i)nsertion code in this field. Found in CHE option.
2claim date2;0MULTIPLE682.02Claim dates for unreceived issues should be entered here.
4issue routing status4;0MULTIPLE682.04The routing status of this issue of the periodical is recorded here.

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