This file defines all the procedures used by the Clinical Procedures package. All elements that define a procedure are in this file. This file is exported with data, but entries may be added by the site.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis field contains the name of the procedure. It should be descriptive of the procedure and contain 3-30 alphanumeric characters. The first character MUST be a letter. To maintain consistency it is recommended that all procedures be entered in UPPERCASE letters as well. (Reference IA #3139)
.02treating specialty0;2POINTER45.7ASPECThis field defines the specialty that this procedure falls under.
.03require external data0;3BOOLEAN0:No
Setting this field to Yes will force this procedure to be processed via the CPUser executable for matching whether or not there are instruments associated with it.
.04default tiu note0;4POINTER8925.1This field contains a TIU Note Title to use as the default when CP creates a note for interpretation for this procedure. (Reference IA #3377)
.05hospital location0;5POINTER44This is the location that will be used when creating the TIU note for interpretation. This location will be used for workload reporting.
.06processing application0;6SET OF CODES1:DEFAULT
This field is used to indicate if this is a Hemodialysis procedure or not. The field is a set of codes, 1=DEFAULT so it will be processed by Clinical Procedures or 2=HEMODIALYSIS and the procedure will be processed by the Hemodialysis application.
.07auto submit0;7SET OF CODES0:No, manually complete
1:Yes, Submit to VistA Imaging
This field only applies to procedures that are performed by instruments with Bi-directional interface capabilities. This field is used to indicate whether the image attachment should be automatically submitted to VistA Imaging once the procedure is performed and the result is passed to CP or the submission process of the image should be done manually with user interface.
.08external data directory0;8FREE TEXTThis field contains a reference to a network share where user supplied attachments are located for this procedure.
Yes/No to indicate active procedures that can be linked to Consults.
.1instrument.1;0MULTIPLE702.011This multiple contains instruments that generate results for this procedure.
.11high volume0;10BOOLEAN0:No
This field is used as a flag indicator to specify if this procedure is high volume or not.
.12processed result0;11SET OF CODES0:Final Result
1:Multiple Results
2:Cumulative Result
This field is a flag which indicates whether a final result, multiple results, or cumulative result is associated with this procedure.
.13id(+)ID;1FREE TEXTThis is a Globally Unique IDentifier (GUID) for this procedure. This is maintained nationally so it is the same throughout the enterprise. A sample ID could be "{69DBD11E-9A8C-4ECE-AFA4-73947218807D}".
.9description.9;1FREE TEXTThis is a detailed DESCRIPTION of this procedure. A sample DESCRIPTION could be "ABD Paracentisis followup".

Referenced by 3 types

  1. REQUEST/CONSULTATION (123) -- clinical procedure
  2. GMRC PROCEDURE (123.3) -- clinical procedure
  3. CP TRANSACTION (702) -- cp definition