This file is used to enter pharmacy interventions. Interventions in this file are records of occurrences where the pharmacist had to take some sort of action involving a particular prescription or order. A record would record things like the provider involved, why an intervention was necessary, what action was taken by the pharmacists.
.01intervention date(+)0;1DATE-TIMEBThis is the date that you recorded the intervention. You can enter any standard FileMan date input. ex. 2/5/90, Feb 5, 1990, etc.
.02patient(+)0;2POINTER2CYou should enter the patient that you are intervening for. You may use any of the normal ways you use to enter a prompt that asks for a patient. Ex. Lastname, Firstname MI. or ID#
.03provider0;3POINTER200ACYou should enter the name of the provider that prescribed this medication or treatment that you are intervening on. You may enter the provider's name or the provider's synonym.
.04pharmacist0;4POINTER200AEYou should enter the name of the pharmacist making the intervention and who will be doing the follow up with the provider.
.05drug0;5POINTER50If there is a drug involved in the intervention, enter the name of the drug here. This is a pointer to your local Drug file and you will only be able to enter drugs that are in this file.
.06instituted by(+)0;6SET OF CODES1:PHARMACY
This field is asking who initially brought up the need for an intervention. You should enter a '?' to see your choices. The choices currently offered include : Pharmacy, Nursing, Provider, Patient or Family, and Other (to catch everybody else).
.07intervention(+)0;7POINTER9009032.3ADYou are given a selection of 19 different types of interventions. You should enter 1 of the choices. Choices include: Inappropriate Drug, Incorrect Dose, Allergy, etc. If you would like to see a list of all your choices enter a '?' at the prompt. If none of the selections really cover the reason for the intervention you should enter 'Other'.
.08recommendation(+)0;8POINTER9009032.5This is the type of recommendation the pharmacist is going to make to the provider. You can see the list of selections by entering a '?' at the prompt. Just as in previous fields if none of the selections cover the recommendation the pharmacist should enter an 'Other' at the prompt.
.09was provider contacted0;9SET OF CODES0:YES
This field is used to record whether or not a provider was contacted regarding the intervention. In most cases a provider will be contacted but if a pharmacy and a provider have certain agreements about changing orders the provider may not be contacted.
.11provider contacted0;11POINTER200This field is used to record the name of a provider that was contacted if it is different from the provider who wrote the prescription or ordered the treatment. It is a pointer to the New Person file and you should enter the provider here just as you would anyplace else.
.12recommendation accepted0;12BOOLEAN0:NO
This field is used to record whether your recommendation was accepted or rejected by the provider.
.13agree with provider0;13SET OF CODES0:YES
This field is used to record whether you agree with the provider if your recommendation was rejected. This field will only be asked if the user answered 'No' to the Recommendation Accepted field. The pharmacist should answer either 'Yes' or 'No'.
.14originating package0;14SET OF CODES0:OUTPATIENT
This field contains information about whether a intervention was originated by the Outpatient Pharmacy or Inpatient Medications software.
.15rx #0;15FREE TEXTThis field contains the prescription number involved in an intervention. This field is filled by the routine called for drug-drug interactions.
.16division0;16POINTER59This is the pharmacy division involved in the intervention
.17financial cost0;17NUMERICThis field is used to estimate the savings due to this intervention.
1100other for intervention11;0WORD-PROCESSING
1200other for recommendation12;0WORD-PROCESSINGThe pharmacist is asked this field only if they have answered the Recommendation field with 'Other'. This is a word-processing field that allows you to enter any recommendation you would like to make that was not covered by the selections in the Recommendation field.
1300reason for intervention13;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis field is a word-processing field that is used by the pharmacist if they wish to record a more detailed explanation of the intervention.
1400action taken14;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis word-processing field may be used by the pharmacist to record more detailed information about the action taken with this intervention.
1500clinical impact15;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis word-processing field may be utilized by the pharmacist if they wish to document what they felt the clinical impact of the intervention is.
1600financial impact16;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis word processing field may be utilized by the pharmacist if they wish to document some sort of financial impact of the intervention.

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