The ESP VIOLATIONS file contains data recording the issuing of either a United States District Court Violation Notice (VA Form 10-9019) or VA Police Courtesy Violation Notice (VA Form 10-6160).
.01id number(+)0;1NUMERICBThis is the violation ID #. It is the site # concatenated with year and the internal entry number.
.02date/time of offense(+)0;2DATE-TIMECThe date/time of the commission of the offense charged. Future dates are not allowed. Enter the date/time of the commission of the offense charged. BOTH date and time must be entered.
.03courtesy/violation0;3SET OF CODESC:COURTESY
ACEnter 'C' if this is a courtesy ticket or 'V' if this is a USDCVN.
.04offense charged(+)0;4POINTER915ADEnter the specific statute or regulation violated.
.05violation number(+)0;5NUMERICDEnter the number assigned to the U.S.D.C. Violation Notice. Enter only the numerics of the number, the "V" is understood to exist since it has already been designated as a Violation Notice.
.06issuing officer(+)0;6POINTER200AEEnter the name of the police officer issuing the ticket. The officer's name must already be entered into the NEW PERSON file (200) and must also be assigned the ESP POLICE Security Key.
.07location0;7FREE TEXTEnter two reference points to identify the location where the violation occurred, (i.e., 10th Street and Union Avenue, Ward 37, Room 134, Building 13D, Canteen).
.08offense description0;8FREE TEXTThe description of the violation charged. This space may be used to provide shorthand titles for common violations such as speeding or parking. This type of entry may be useful in developing violation trend studies.
.09offender0;9POINTER910EEnter the name of the person receiving the ticket. The name must also entered in the Master Name File (910). The standard LAST,FIRST MIDDLE name format is to be used.
.1facility(+)0;10POINTER40.8Use this field to identify the Facility that this violation is associated with.
1.01decal #1;1POINTER910.2Enter the parking permit decal number.
1.02decal color1;2POINTER910.7Enter the color of the decal. It must be in the Selectables file.
1.03license tag #1;3FREE TEXTGEnter the license tag number of the vehicle involved in a vehicle related offense.
1.04license tag state1;4POINTER5Enter the state that issued the license tag number.
1.05vehicle make1;5POINTER910.7Enter the make of this vehicle. It must be in the Selectables file.
1.06vehicle model1;6FREE TEXTEnter the model of this vehicle, i.e., GALAXIE, MUSTANG, BLAZER, etc.
1.07vehicle style1;7FREE TEXTEnter the style of this vehicle, for example, TWO DOOR.
1.08vehicle color1;8POINTER910.7Enter the color of this vehicle. It must be in the Selectables file.
1.09year of manufacture1;9DATE-TIMEEnter the year of manufacture of the vehicle, may be entered as 1990 or 90, etc.
2.01court date2;1DATE-TIMEEnter the date/time of the court appearance.
2.02disposition2;2POINTER911.2Enter the code designating the disposition of this case. The disposition entered must be contained in the ESP DISPOSITION CODE file (911.2).
5.01institution5;1POINTER4This field is automatically triggered by the Institution File.
10remarks10;0WORD-PROCESSINGEnter any remarks that you feel may be pertinent to record for this record.

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