This file is used by CPRS to track what happened to a patient's orders as a result of an event, such as an MAS movement or returning from the OR.
.01patient(+)0;1POINTER2BThis is a pointer to the patient file and is the patient associated with this event.
1activity10;0MULTIPLE100.25This multiple contains a log of actions taken on this event that are relevant to the release or discontinuance of orders.
2event0;2POINTER100.5EThis field is a pointer to the OE/RR RELEASE EVENTS file, which defines the conditions under which delayed orders are to be released for this patient event, if delayed orders are related to this event.
3admission0;3POINTER405This field is a pointer to the Admission movement for which this event is valid; this will be the current admission if the patient is an inpatient when delayed orders are written, otherwise the admission movement will be stuffed in when the patient is admitted and the orders released. If the patient is discharged without this event having been processed, it will be retired and any orders still delayed will be lapsed.
4order0;4POINTER100AOThis field is a pointer to the doctor's order requesting that this event occur for this patient when delayed orders are written.
5created on0;5DATE-TIMEThis field is the timestamp of when this event was entered into the file for this patient.
6created by0;6POINTER200This field is a pointer to the user who entered this event into the file for this patient.
11event date/time1;1DATE-TIMEThis field is the date and time that this event occurred for this patient; if the event is an MAS movement, this time will be the DATE/TIME from the PATIENT MOVEMENT file which may be slightly different than the actual time that this event was processed by the event driver.
12patient movement1;2POINTER405This field is a pointer to the MAS Patient Movement that satisfied this event for this patient; any changes to this movement that alter the conditions of the event will be tracked in the Activity log.
13auto-dc rule1;3POINTER100.6DCThis field is the Auto-DC Rule from file #100.6 that was used to automatically discontinue active orders when this event occurred. Those orders that were dc'd are listed in the Discontinued Orders multiple of this file.
14surgery1;4POINTER130ASRThis field is a pointer to the Surgery case that satisfied this event for this patient when the TIME PAT OUT OR field was entered (for events prior to the instllation of patch SR*3*157) or when the TIME PAT IN OR field was entered (for events after the installation of patch SR*3*157); any changes to this field will be tracked in the Activity log.
15parent1;5POINTER100.2DADThis field is a "parent" event, allowing multiple Patient Events to be collected together for release at the same time based on the same criteria; the parent event tracks the release criteria, while each "child" event defines a particular set of orders to be released on that event.
20released orders2;0MULTIPLE100.26This multiple field contains the delayed orders that were released based on the release event defined in the OE/RR RELEASE EVENTS file #100.5 when this event occurred.
30discontinued orders3;0MULTIPLE100.27This multiple contains the orders that were automatically discontinued based on the rules defined in the OE/RR AUTO-DC RULES file #100.6 when this event occurred.

Referenced by 2 types

  1. ORDER (100) -- event, dc event
  2. OE/RR PATIENT EVENT (100.2) -- parent