This file contains data elements as specified by the Decision Support System (DSS) Program Office for the MAS Clinic No Show extract from existing DHCP files. Entries into this file are made by extracting data from several files. Once approved by the DSS site manager, entries in this file are loaded into an electronic mail message and sent to the commercial vendor. This file is intended to be used for validation purposes only. Entries should be made only by the extract load routine. Since validation techniques will be determined by the local site, it is intended that the site add whatever cross references deemed necessary. However, this file contains one nationally determined cross reference, the "AC" cross reference on the EXTRACT NUMBER field (#2). This cross reference is used by the DSS Extracts software package as an essential feature for managing and purging data in this file and should not be modified. This file should NOT be modified directly using VA FileMan.
.01sequence number(+)0;1NUMERICThe record number for this extract entry.
1year month0;2FREE TEXTA six character string representing the year and the month for which this extract was performed.
2extract number0;3POINTER727ACThe corresponding entry in the DSS EXTRACT LOG file (#727) for this extract.
3facility0;4FREE TEXTIdentifies the facility for this extract record.
4patient no. - dfn0;5POINTER2An identifying number for the patient at the local site.
5ssn0;6FREE TEXTThe patient's social security number. Any patient with an SSN beginning with "00000" is considered a "test patient" and will not be included in the extract.
6name0;7FREE TEXTThe first four characters of the patient's last name.
7in out patient indicator0;8FREE TEXTIndicates whether the patient was an inpatient or an outpatient for this extract entry.
8day0;9FREE TEXTThis 8-character string represents the date on which the clinic appointment was scheduled to occur.
9placeholder10;10FREE TEXTA placeholder for future use.
10movement file #0;11POINTER405Current patient movement record associated with this extract record.
12treating specialty0;12POINTER42.4Enter the name of the treating specialty associated with this extract record.
13date of birth0;13FREE TEXTThe patient's date of birth between December 31,1870 and today's date.
14eligibility0;14FREE TEXTAppropriate eligibility code based on veteran or non-veteran status.
Data is Y if the patient is a veteran, N if not.
16time0;16FREE TEXTA 6-character data element which represents the time for which the appointment was scheduled.
17primary care team0;17FREE TEXTThe primary care team assigned to this patient.
18primary care provider0;18FREE TEXTThe primary care provider assigned to this patient.
19provider0;19FREE TEXTThe provider assigned to this patient.
20race0;20FREE TEXTRace ABBREVIATION for this patient.
21dss identifier0;21FREE TEXTThe DSS Identifier consists of the primary and secondary stop codes associated with this clinic. It is exactly 6 numeric characters in length.
22master patient index1;1FREE TEXTA national VA system identifier which uniquely identifies a patient.
23dss dept.1;2FREE TEXTThe DSS Department Code for the clinic product.
24pc provider npi1;3FREE TEXTThe Primary Care Provider's National Provider Identifier code.
25provider npi1;4FREE TEXTThe Provider's National Provider Identifier code.
26pc provider person class1;5FREE TEXTThe VA Code of the Person Class of the Primary Care Provider associated with this record.
27provider person class1;6FREE TEXTThe VA code associated with the active Person Class of the provider.
28pow status1;7SET OF CODESY:YES
The patient's POW status. May be set to Y(es), N(o), or U(nknown).
29pow location1;8POINTER22If POW Status is indicated, then this is the POW confinement location/period. 1 WORLD WAR I 2 WORLD WAR II - EUROPE 3 WORLD WAR II - PACIFIC 4 KOREAN 5 VIETNAM 6 OTHER
30radiation status1;9SET OF CODESY:YES
The patient's Ionizing Radiation status. (Y/N/U)
31agent orange status1;10SET OF CODESY:YES
The patient's Agent Orange status.
32sharing agreement payor1;11FREE TEXTAn indicator used for patients participating in sharing agreements.
33sharing agreement insurance1;12FREE TEXTUsed to indicate insurer, if patient participates in a sharing agreement.
34mst status1;13SET OF CODESY:Yes, screened reports MST
N:Screened, does not report MST
D:Screened, declines to answer
The MST Status of the patient on the date of the outpatient encounter. Possible status values are: Y = Yes, screened reports MST N = Screened, does not report MST D = Screened, declines to answer
35enrollment location1;14FREE TEXTThe facility that the patient chooses to designate as his preferred location for care.
36state1;15FREE TEXTThe state in which the patient resides.
37county1;16FREE TEXTThe county in which the patient resides.
38zip+41;17FREE TEXTThe patient's Zipcode with optional 4-digit extension. For example: 11223-1234
39sex(+)1;18SET OF CODESM:MALE
Data is M if this patient is a male, or F if female.
40associate pc provider1;19FREE TEXTThis is a reference to the NEW PERSON file (#200) for the provider who is the patients Associate Provider for Primary Care as assigned with the PCMM application. The IEN to file #200 is prefixed with the character 2.
41assoc. pc prov. person class1;20FREE TEXTThe field will hold the VA Code associated with the active Person Class of the Associate Primary Care Provider as assigned by through the PCMM appilcation. The VA Code is always of the form "V"_six numeric digits; exactly 7 characters in length.
42associate pc provider npi1;21FREE TEXTThe Associate Primary Care Provider's National Provider Identifier code.
43dom,prrtp and saartp indicator1;22FREE TEXTDOM, PRRTP and SAARTP Indicator indicates if the patient is admitted to either a DOM, PRRTP or SAARTP at the time hospital service is provided. Domiciliary (DOM) Psychiatric Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program (PRRTP) Substance Abuse Residential Rehabiltation Treatment Program (SARRTP)
44enrollment category1;23FREE TEXTDerived from the Patient Enrollment File #27.11
45enrollment status1;24FREE TEXTDerived from the Patient Enrollment File #27.11
46enrollment priority1;25FREE TEXTDerived from the Patient Enrollment File #27.11
47period of service1;26FREE TEXTThe period of service that best classifies the patient based on eligibility code.
48observation patient indicator1;27FREE TEXTThis field is derived from the inpatient/outpatient status, treating specialty, and DSS Identifier or feeder key values in the record.
49encounter number1;28FREE TEXTThis field is derived from the inpatient/outpatient status, SSN, admit/visit date, treating specialty, observation patient indicator, and DSS Identifier or feeder key values in the record.
50agent orange location1;29FREE TEXTThis field contains the Agent Orange exposure location.
51purple heart indicator1;30BOOLEANY:YES
This field indicates whether or not the patient is a Purple Heart recipient.
52clinic name1;31POINTER44This field contains the six-character name of the clinic.
53production division code1;32FREE TEXTData represents the medical center division the work was performed in. This field corresponds to an entry in the INSTITUTION file (#4).
54head & neck cancer indicator1;33BOOLEANY:YES
Identifies whether treatment was for head and/or neck cancer.
55ethnicity1;34FREE TEXTThe patient's PTF Ethnicity code.
56race 11;35FREE TEXTThe patient's PTF Race code(s).

Not Referenced