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This file serves as the log of emergency department visits. It works together with the ED LOG HISTORY file to track when activities of a typical emergency department visit are done. It records where the patient went, who was responsible, and when key things happened (such as triage and disposition). This file serves as the key source of information for data that is displayed on the emergency department display board (an electronic "white board"). Patient visits that are currently active are shown on the display board. The display board is refreshed every 30 seconds. Many of the indexes in this file assist in making the refresh code as efficient as possible.
.01log entry time(+)0;1DATE-TIMEBThis is the date/time that this log record was added to the file.
.02institution(+)0;2POINTER4This allows the log entry to be associated with the station that originated it. It allows multiple institutions to be served by the same system.
.03area(+)0;3POINTER231.9This is the area in the hospital for which this record applies. Initially, the only area is the emergency department. This field allows use to be expanded into other departments.
.04patient name0;4FREE TEXTThis is the name of the patient. It allows a name to be entered in the case of humanitarian care when the patient has not been entered into VistA yet. LastName,FirstName is the name format that should be used.
.05patient ssn*0;5FREE TEXTThis is the patient social security number in the case of humanitarian care for a patient that does not exist in VistA.
.06patient id0;6POINTER2This is the patient in VistA for whom this log record is created.
This flag is set to YES when the patient has left the area (Emergency Department) and has been properly dispositioned. At this time, the entry no longer appears on the display board.
.071closed date/time0;15DATE-TIMEThis is the Date/Time when the 'CLOSED' field was set to true.
.072closed by0;16POINTER200
.073removed in error0;17BOOLEAN1:YES
.074restored by0;18POINTER200This is the user who restored the patient to the board.
.075restored date/time0;19DATE-TIMEDate/Time when a patient was restored to the board. This only occurs if the patient was 'Removed in Error'.
.08time in0;8DATE-TIMEThis is the time that the patient actually arrived at the emergency department. The length of the visit is measured from this point in time.
.09time out0;9DATE-TIMEThis is the time that the patient was discharged from the emergency department (sent home, admitted, transferred somewhere else).
.1arrival mode0;10POINTER233.1This is the source of the emergency department visit. For example, the patient may have arrived from a nursing home, VA Hospital, walked in, etc.
.11patient brief id0;11FREE TEXTThis is a patient identifier that shows on the display board. In the case of an ambulance or non-VA patient, this identifier may be constructed and stored here. The identifier should be in the format: last initial + last 4 of ssn. For example, given a fictional patient named TWENTY VEHU with an SSN of 000-00-0020, this field would be V0020.
.12visit0;12POINTER9000010VThis is the VISIT associated with this emergency department encounter.
.13creation source0;13SET OF CODES0:EDIS
This field identifies the route by which the visit was created.
.14clinic0;14POINTER44This is the specific clinic within the department (if multiple clinics are used) that will be associated with this visit.
1.1complaint1;1FREE TEXTThis is the complaint that the patient presents with. It is usually shown on the display board, so it should be brief enough to fit in the column on the display board.
1.2disposition1;2POINTER233.1This is how the patient is dispositioned at the end of the visit.
1.3disposition time1;3DATE-TIMEThis is the time that the disposition field was last updated.
1.4diagnosis time1;4DATE-TIMEThis is the time that the diagnoses were last updated.
1.5delay reason1;5POINTER233.1This is the reason for delay in the case where the visit has taken longer than the time recommended.
1.51delay reason start time1;6DATE-TIME
1.52delay reason end time1;7DATE-TIME
2complaint (long)2;1FREE TEXTThis is an optional field that allows the complaint to be entered in a form that is longer than that allowed by the complaint column on the display board.
3.2status3;2POINTER233.1This is the status of the patient during the course of the emergency department visit (awaiting triage, ed patient, etc.).
3.3acuity3;3POINTER233.1This is the acuity of the patient. The acuity is based on the ESI scale with acuity levels 1-5.
3.4loc3;4POINTER231.8This is the room / area where the patient is. This may be a physical room or a specific bed. It may also be a "conceptual area", such as the hallway, parking lot, x-ray, etc. It does not necessarily need to be a physical location.
3.5md assigned3;5POINTER200This is the provider currently assigned to the patient.
3.6nurse assigned3;6POINTER200This is the nurse assigned to the patient.
3.7resident assigned3;7POINTER200This is the resident assigned to the patient.
3.8comment3;8FREE TEXTThis is a comment that may be entered or updated for this particular visit. The comment may be optionally shown on the display board.
3.9held loc3;9POINTER231.8
4discharge diagnosis4;0MULTIPLE230.04This multiple contains the diagnosis or diagnoses for the visit.
7.1frequency7;1NUMERICThis is the number of minutes desired between each set of repeated vital measurements taken.
7.2timer on7;2BOOLEAN1:YES
This is an on/off switch, whether to continue taking vital measurements.
8orders8;0MULTIPLE230.08This multiple tracks orders during the course of the patient stay in the emergency department.

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