This file contains descriptive information for any supply item that can be ordered. Contains information needed for purchasing or ordering the item. Any item that is purchased repetitively should be entered to this file.
.01number(+)0;1NUMERICBThis is the item number.
.05short description(+)0;2FREE TEXTCThis is the short description of the item.
.06case cart/tray/instrument kit0;6SET OF CODESP:PURCHASEABLE
This field indicates whether an item is a case cart or instrument kit. Case cart and instrument kits should not be purchased from outside of the hospital. This is the purchaseable item indicator. 'P' stands for items purchased outside the hospital. 'S' stands for a set/pack assembled in hospital from purchased items.
.1description1;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis is the description of the item.
1fcp4;0MULTIPLE441.03This is the fund control point.
2fsc(+)0;3POINTER441.2This is the federal supply classification.
3inc0;12FREE TEXTThis field lists the Item Name Code for this item.
5nsn0;5FREE TEXTBBThis is the National Stock Number for the item.
5.5nsn verified3;6DATE-TIME The date that the National Stock Number was verified.
6vendor2;0MULTIPLE441.01This is the vendor for the item.
This is a flag to state if this ITEM is hazardous.
9last vendor ordered0;4POINTER440This is the last vendor ordered.
10mandatory source0;8POINTER440This is the mandatory source for an item.
12boc0;10POINTER420.2This is the BOC for this item.
13set/pack assembled by0;7POINTER445When a Set/Pack type item is added to this file (by the Generic Inventory Package), the Inventory point that added the item is stuffed into this field by the program. It is then used as a screen to keep other inventory points from changing the data associated with the item.
14date item created0;9DATE-TIMEThis is the date the item was created.
15created by0;11POINTER200This is the person who created the item.
16inactivated item?3;1SET OF CODES1:INACTIVATED
This is the set of codes for an inactivated item. This field is set to '1' by option to inactivate an item.
16.5replacement item3;4POINTER441This is the replacement item for an inactivated item.
17date inactivated3;2DATE-TIMEThis is the date the item was inactivated.
18inactivated by3;3POINTER200This is the person who inactivated the item.
19mfg part no.3;5FREE TEXTThis is the Manufacturer's Part Number (#).
20food group(+)3;7SET OF CODES1:Meat, Fish, Poultry, Eggs & Convenience Entrees
2:Milk, Milk Products
3:Fruits, Vegetables
4:Bread, Flour, Cereal, etc.
5:Commercial Nutritional Products, Tube feedings & supplements
6:Miscellaneous, Foods
This is the catalog food group returned from ISMS by a catalog request.
21sku3;8POINTER420.5This is the Stock Keeping Unit of Measure.
22drug type code(+)3;9SET OF CODESA:NARCOTIC
This is the set of drug type codes (Narcotic, Controlled substance, or Other) which will appear on the LOG code sheet.
23reusable item0;13BOOLEANy:YES
This field is used for case carts/instrument kits. If an item is a reusable item (field set to YES), the item will not be charged to the inventory point during the ordering and posting process. Also, reusable items will not increment/decrement the quantity on-hand when assembling or disassembling case carts or instrument kits. If the field is not set to YES, the item is treated as a disposable item.
24sic code3;10POINTER444.2The Standard Industrial Classification coding system categorizes organizations by type of economic activity. The SIC code is used in the Request for Quotation (RFQ) module to direct requests to the appropriate group of potential vendors.
50pre nif long description8;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis field stores the value of the DESCRIPTION field (#.1) prior to the overwriting of that field's value with the value from the National Item File (NIF) database. This field MUST NOT be edited. It is for historical record only.
51nif item number0;15NUMERICIThis is the Item Number assigned to this item in the National Item File (NIF). This field is populated by a feed from the NIF and must not be user edited.
52pre nif short description9;1FREE TEXTThis field stores the value of the SHORT DESCRIPTION field (#.05) prior to that field's overwrite with the value of the Brief Item Description from the National Item File (NIF). This field must not be edited. It is for historical record only.

Referenced by 7 types

  1. INGREDIENT (113) -- master item #
  3. ITEM MASTER (441) -- replacement item
  4. INVENTORY TRANSACTION (445.2) -- item no.
  5. CASE CARTS (445.7) -- case cart item
  6. INSTRUMENT KITS (445.8) -- instrument kit item
  7. PROS ITEM MASTER (661) -- name