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This file maintains observations for use with the Clinical Flowsheets application.
.01obs id(+)0;1FREE TEXTThis is a Globally Unique IDentifier (GUID) for this entry. This is maintained nationally so it is the same throughout the enterprise. A sample OBS ID could be "{69DBD11E-9A8C-4ECE-AFA4-73947218807D}".
.02parent id0;2POINTER704.117This identifies the parent observation in the case of a complex observation.
.03facility id(+)0;3POINTER4.2This identifies the domain (file #4.2) relevant to this observation (#.01).
.04hospital location id0;4POINTER44This identifies the hospital location (file #44) relevant to this observation (#.01).
.05observed date time(+)0;5DATE-TIMEThis is the date/time this observation (#.01) took place.
.06observed by id0;6POINTER200This identifies the person (file #200) that made this observation.
.07term id(+)0;7POINTER704.101This identifies the type of observation. This "type" is an entry in the TERM File (#704.101). A sample TERM ID here could reference the term "SYSTOLIC PRESSURE".
.08patient id(+)0;8POINTER2This identifies the PATIENT (file #2) for whom this observation (#.01) was taken.
.09status(+)0;9SET OF CODES0:Unverified
This field indicates the current status of this observation (#.01).
.1svalue.1;1FREE TEXTThis field represents the value of the observation (#.01). A sample SVALUE could be "122/55".
.21source.2;1FREE TEXTThis field is the source of the SVALUE (#.1). A sample SOURCE could be "instrument" or "CP Flowsheets".
.22source comments.2;2FREE TEXTThis is any comment type information generated by the source about this observation (#.01). A sample SOURCE COMMENTS could be "Routine MDZCLIO Tag BUILD".
.23source data item id.2;3FREE TEXTThis field contains source (#.21) generated information for later tagging. A sample SOURCE DATA ITEM ID could be "CPFLOWSHEETS.EXE:C13A6427".
.24source version.2;4FREE TEXTThis is the version of the source (#.21) that generated this observation (#.01). A sample SOURCE VERSION could be " 1.0".
.25entered date time(+).2;5DATE-TIMEThis is the date and time this entry was placed into this observation file.
.26entered by id.2;6POINTER200This identifies the person (file #200) who entered the data for this observation (#.01).
.27child order.2;7NUMERICThis is the order that this observation is placed into its parent observation (#.02).
.28range.2;8SET OF CODES0:Unknown
2:Out Of Bounds Low
3:Out Of Bounds High
This indicates the condition of the observation value (#.1).
.4comment.4;1FREE TEXTThis is free-text for additional clinical COMMENT. A sample COMMENT could be "test O2 saturation".
.911audit existsCOMPUTEDThis indicates whether or not any record exist in the audit log for this observation.
.912correction for idCOMPUTEDThis identifies the record this observation was entered to correct.

Referenced by 4 types

  1. OBS_SET_OBS_PAIR (704.1161) -- obs_id
  2. OBS (704.117) -- parent_id
  3. OBS_QUALIFIER (704.118) -- obs_id
  4. OBS_AUDIT (704.119) -- audit_observation, replacement_observation