Contains Occurrence Screening data for each occurrence screened, with patient name at the .01 level. This file is populated at the site.
.01qa patient(+)0;1POINTER2BSelect a patient who has met one of the screens. A patient may be selected by: Name, SSN, Last four digits of SSN, or Last initial and last four digits of SSN.
.02associated admission0;2POINTER405This field contains the MAS admission movement associated with this occurrence.
1date(+)0;3DATE-TIMECThis is the date the occurrence took place. For auto enrolled occurrences it is the date that this occurrence was picked up by auto enroll.
2occurrence identifier(+)0;4FREE TEXTThis identifier is computed from the patient's name, SSN, occurrence date and internal entry number in the occurrence screen file.
3screen(+)SCRN;1POINTER741.1DThis is the screen that best describes this patient's occurrence.
4ward/clinic0;5POINTER44This is the ward/clinic of the occurrence as defined by the Occurrence Screen circular.
5service0;6POINTER49This is the service associated with this occurrence.
6treating specialty/bedsection0;7POINTER45.7This is the treating specialty associated with this occurrence.
7medical team0;8POINTER741.93This is the medical team associated with this occurrence.
8attending physician0;9POINTER200This is the patient's attending physician.
9resident/provider0;10POINTER200This is the patient's resident/provider.
10reviewerREVR;0MULTIPLE741.01This is where the reviewer data for Clinical, Peer, and Management reviews is entered or changed.
11status0;11SET OF CODES0:OPEN
ADThis is the status of this occurrence record. Occurrences are automatically marked as open when they are first entered into the system. When a final disposition date is entered they are marked as closed. An occurrence may be marked as deleted at any time by using the delete occurrence screen record option in the manager menu.
12peer due date0;12DATE-TIMEThis is the date all peer reviews should be completed by. It is computed by adding the peer review days entry in the parameters file to the date the clinical review was completed.
13management due date0;13DATE-TIMEThis is the date by which all management reviews should be completed. It is computed by adding the management review days entry from the parameters file to the date the clinical review was completed.
14final disposition date0;14DATE-TIMEThis is the date of the final disposition. Only the last final disposition is tracked. Some options allow this date to be entered manually, while others automatically store the current date.
15total elapsed days0;15NUMERICThis is the number of days between the occurrence date and the final disposition date.
16final disposition reached by0;16POINTER741.2This field tracks which review level entered a final disposition. Some options allow data to be entered manually while others automatically store the data.
17committeeCMTE;0MULTIPLE741.017This is where all data on committee reviews is stored.
18*date validated/confirmed0;17DATE-TIMEAVALThis is the date the occurrence was validated/confirmed.
19severity of outcome0;18POINTER741.8This is the severity of outcome for the occurrence.
20*quality of care scale0;19POINTER741.6This is the validated/confirmed quality of care.
21*validated/confirmed0;20SET OF CODES1:EQUIPMENT PROBLEMS
This is the type of problem that led to this occurrence.
22*validation comment1;1FREE TEXTEnter any comment regarding the validation of this occurrence.
24peer attribution (individual)ATRI;0MULTIPLE741.024This is where the occurrence is attributed to the individuals involved in this patient's care.
25peer attribution (med team)ATRT;0MULTIPLE741.025This is where the medical team attribution data is stored.
26peer attribution (hosp loc)ATRL;0MULTIPLE741.026This is where the data is stored for the attribution to hospital location.
27auditAUDIT;1POINTER740.5This is a pointer to the audit file entry for this occurrence screen record. The audit file contains data on what was done to this record and when it was done.
28record creation date0;21DATE-TIMEARCDThis field is automatically set to TODAY whenever a new record is entered into this file. The record creation date is used by auto enroll to count the occurrences that are entered manually.

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