This is a temporary holding file used to store a purchase order while an Amendment is being created. Changes to a P.O. are actually made to this file, and not to the original P.O. If the user completes and approves the Amendment, the changes are copied to the P.O. Whether approved or not, the "copy" is deleted from this file when the user is finished. The file is also used for amendments to Requisitions. *********DO NOT RE-INDEX THIS FILE**********
.01purchase order number(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis is the purchase order number.
.02method of payment(+)0;2POINTER442.5This is the method of payment for this purchase order.
.04invoice address12;6FREE TEXT The invoice address.
.06priority of 22371;9SET OF CODESEM:EMERGENCY
This field contains a code which indicates the priority of this order.
.07primary 22370;12POINTER410This field contains a pointer to the primary 2237 record for this amendment.
.08estimated order?7;3BOOLEANY:YES
This field indicates whether or not this is an estimated order.
.09depot voucher no.1;13FREE TEXTThis is the depot voucher number.
.1p.o. date1;15DATE-TIMEThis is the purchase order date.
.2emergency order?1;17BOOLEANY:YES
Enter YES if this is an emergency order.
.25local procurement reason code1;19POINTER443.8This is a pointer to the Local Procurement Reason Code File (#443.8). This code describes why the items are being purchased "open market".
.3expendable/nonexpendable(+)1;18SET OF CODESE:EXPENDABLE
This is the indicator for procurement of expendable or nonexpendable items.
.5supply status7;1POINTER442.3This is the Supply status of the order.
.7supply status order7;2NUMERICThis field is automatically updated when supply status changes.
.8fiscal status order7;4NUMERICThis field is automatically updated when supply status changes.
1fcp(+)0;3FREE TEXTThis is the Fund Control Point.
1.4appropriation(+)0;4FREE TEXTThis is the appropriation for this order.
2cost center0;5FREE TEXTThis is the cost center for this order.
3subaccount10;6POINTER420.2This is the subaccount 1.
3.4subamount10;7NUMERICThis is the subamount 1.
4subaccount20;8POINTER420.2This is the subaccount 2.
4.4subamount20;9NUMERICThis is the subamount 2.
5vendor(+)1;1POINTER440This is the name of the vendor for this purchase order.
5.2requesting service(+)1;2POINTER49This is the requesting service for this order.
5.3direct delivery patient1;12POINTER440.2This is the direct delivery patient, if applicable.
5.4ship to1;3NUMERICThis is the receiving location.
5.6delivery location1;11FREE TEXTThis is the delivery location.
6verbal purchase order (y/n)1;4BOOLEANY:YES
YES indicates that this is a verbal purchase order.
6.2confirmation copy (y/n)1;5BOOLEANY:YES
YES indicates that this is a confirmation copy.
This is the F.O.B. point.
6.9original delivery date0;20DATE-TIMEThis is the original delivery date.
7delivery date(+)0;10DATE-TIMEThis is the delivery date.
7.2estimated cost0;11NUMERICThis is the estimated cost for this purchase order.
8source code(+)1;7POINTER420.8This is the source code for this purchase order.
8.1astr. for source code1;14FREE TEXTThis field contains internal program code that controls printed output.
8.2proposal1;8FREE TEXTThis is the proposal information that prints on the purchase order, if applicable.
9.2prompt payment terms5;0MULTIPLE443.66These are the prompt payment terms for this order.
13est. shipping and/or handling0;13NUMERICThis is the estimated shipping and/or handling charge.
13.05est. shipping boc(+)23;1FREE TEXTPlease enter BOC for EST. SHIPPING AND/OR HANDLING charges.
13.1est. shipping line item no.0;18NUMERICThis is the line item number of the estimated shipping date.
13.2gov't b/l no.12;7FREE TEXT The Government Bill of Lading.
13.3ship via12;8FREE TEXT The type of shipper (Air, Land, Sea).
13.4gbl p.o.number12;9FREE TEXT The P.O. number for the Gov. Bill of Lading.
14discount3;0MULTIPLE443.63This is the amount of the discount.
15line item count(+)0;14NUMERICThis is the line item count.
16pa/ppm/authorized buyer(+)1;10POINTER200This is the purchasing agent for this order.
16.5validation code12;2FREE TEXT The code for the validation.
16.7validation version12;11NUMERIC The version of the validation code.
16.8esig code12;12FREE TEXT The signature block name.
17validation date/time12;3DATE-TIME The date of the validation.
18po printed time12;1DATE-TIME The time the P.O. was printed.
18.5edi message no.12;10NUMERIC The EDI message number received.
18.6need special handling?12;13BOOLEANY:YES
This field is just a question to see if the special handling instructions are needed for the purchase order.
18.7type of special handling12;14POINTER443.4This is a pointer field to file 443.4. The file contains special handling instructions which are displayed/printed on purchase orders. The special handling instructions are also sent in the CO segment of the PHA transaction.
19agent assigned p.o.12;4POINTER200 The Purchasing Agent assigned to the P.O.
19.2date p.o. assigned12;5DATE-TIME The date the P.O. was assigned the Purchase Agent.
24administrative certifications15;0MULTIPLE443.624These are the administrative certifications for this purchase order.
26bbfy23;2DATE-TIMEThis field is the FMS 'BEGINNING BUGDET FISCAL YEAR'. This is set from 'PRC("BBFY")' variable. This variable is created through the 'FCP', 'FUND CONTROL POINT' field.
27old po record23;3POINTER443.6This is the internal record number for the original purchase order.
28new po record23;4POINTER443.6This is the internal record number for the new purchase order.
29end date for service order23;5DATE-TIMEThis field is the ending date for the Purchase order or 1358 for a service order used when the length of the service contract extends over a period greater than one month. It is used by Fiscal service at the time of obligation. When used in conjunction with the Auto Accrue flag, the ending date will determine the monthly accrual.
30auto accrue23;6BOOLEAN1:YES
This field is used by Fiscal service to indicate whether a Purchase Order or 1358 for a service order should be accrued in FMS.
31satellite station23;7POINTER411Please enter the satellite station to which this purchase order belongs to.
35amount9;0MULTIPLE443.7This is the amount of the contract.
40item2;0MULTIPLE443.61This is the item for which the amendment is being processed.
This field is to indicate whether a purchase card charge is being disputed.
46purchase card number(+)23;8POINTER440.5This is the purchase card number being used for the purchase card order.
47delivery order23;10BOOLEANY:YES
This field indicates whether this order is a delivery order.
48type of order23;11SET OF CODESD:DELIVERY ORDER
This field determines if a purchase order is a 'Detailed Purchase Card Order', 'Simplified Purchase Card Order' or a 'Delivery Order'.
50amendment6;0MULTIPLE443.67This multiple contains information about all amendments to a purchase order.
51sort group23;13POINTER410.7This is the sort group for this order.
52classification of request23;12POINTER410.2This is the Classification of Request for this order.
53pcdo vendor23;14POINTER440This vendor is for purchase card and delivery order.
54receiving required?(+)23;15BOOLEANY:YES
This field indicates if a purchase card purchase requires receiving.
55purchase card ext. no.23;16FREE TEXTThis is the purchase card number assigned to the purchase card order.
56purchase card user23;17POINTER200This is the user who entered the purchase card order.
57approve reconciliation user23;18POINTER200This is the user who approves the reconciliation of a purchase card order.
58date reconciled23;19DATE-TIMEThis is the reconcilliation date for this purchase order.
60purchase cost(+)23;21NUMERICThis is the total dollar amount for a Simplified Purchase Card Order.
61purchase card holder23;22POINTER200This is the Purchase Card Holder for the Purchase Card order.
62pcdo 223723;23POINTER410This is the 2237 attached to the purchase card/delivery order.
63processing required in fiscal24;1BOOLEANN:NO
This field indicates if fiscal needs to process receiving report.
64free text vendor24;2FREE TEXTThis is free text vendor for the Simplified Purchase Card Orders.
91total amount(+)0;15NUMERICThis is the total amount of the order.
92net amount0;16NUMERICThis is the net amount.
93liquidated amount0;17NUMERICThis is the liquidated amount.
97prompt pay type(+)12;15SET OF CODESA:NORMAL
This is the type of the PROMPT PAYMENT TERMS.
This is the payable code.
102document identifier/common no.(+)18;3FREE TEXTThis is the document identifier/common number.
107releasing facility number18;1FREE TEXTThis field is entered only if another facility is involved. Enter the 3 digit facility number.
501certified p.o.1;20BOOLEANY:YES
If the IFCAP Common Numbering System for this purchase order is a Certified entry answer YES.

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